Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead: Its wreckage was found 1600 feet away from the wreckage of Titanic.

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead: The Titan submarine went to see the Titanic ship. It sank and all the passengers aboard were killed. It was missing for almost four days. The wreckage of the missing Titan submarine has finally been found in the Atlantic Ocean.The wreckage of this Titan Marine was found exactly 1600 meters away from the Titanic ship.The sunken Titan submarine went to see the wreckage of the Titanic with four tourists, including the pilot, on the evening of June 18, but went missing after 1:45 hours.

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

All five people present in the submarine who went to see the wreckage of Titanic died.These include British businessman Hamish Harding, French diver Paul-Henri, Pakistani-British businessman Shahzada Dawood, his son Sulaiman and Oceangate Company CEO Stockton Rush.The dead were confirmed by US Coast Guard officials on Thursday evening.After the submarine sank, all the people aboard the submarine died. Although no body has been found yet. Only the wreckage of the submarine was found.Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead.

The five men aboard the submarine: Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

The submarine, which went to see the wreckage of the Titanic ship, was left in the Atlantic Ocean at around 5:30 pm Indian time on June. The ship went missing only after an hour and 45 minutes of departure. However, US Coast Guard officials have reported that the body of the man aboard the support has not yet been found. Poshan Gate, the company that built the submarine in which the five people had gone, said that the people who died in the accident were explorers in the true sense. A robotic aircraft has been launched into the Atlantic Ocean to continuously collect debris, says Rear Admiral Mauger of the Coast Guard.Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead.

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

On June 21, some voices came from near the debris: Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

Earlier, on Wednesday, June 21, a search operation was conducted from the Canadian side. In which the aircraft got to hear some voices with the help of goldsmith sowing.According to CNN, the object is the wreckage of the Titanic ship. that’s where the voices came from.Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead.

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

The wreckage of the Titanic ship is present in the Atlantic Ocean, which is located about 700 kilometers from Newfoundland, OK? St. John, Canada. Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead.

About The submarine

Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

The name of this submarine is Titan and it belongs to a company called Ocean Gate. It is as big as a truck, measuring 22 feet in length and 9.2 feet in width. The submarine is made of a special material called carbon fiber. People have to pay a lot of money to see the remains of the Titanic ship by going inside the submarine. Submarines are also used to explore and learn about the ocean. It is launched and controlled by a large boat called the Polar Prince.Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead.


Video of passengers going to see the debris was released in February: Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead

Earlier this year, a very long video of the Titanic viewing trip was shared online. It was 80 minutes long! Then, a few months later, came some really cool pictures of the ship that were made using special techniques. He made the pictures very clear and detailed. In 2022, a deep-sea exploration company and a film company team up to study a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean. They used a special vehicle to take a series of photographs and map the wreckage. He is also making a film on his work.Titan Submarine Members All 5 Dead


The company got rid of the man who told them about the problems with the submarine.

One company got rid of someone who talked about a problem with a submarine they were working on. It was difficult for this person to keep his word. On August 15, 2018, a person went to the court due to a problem. He said that a special underwater vehicle called a submersible was made to go really deep inside the water, but now they want to send it even deeper than what it was made for. They want to send it to where Titanic sank, but that place is really dangerous. The midnight zone is a very dark and cold place where sunlight does not reach and the water rises very fast, which makes it dangerous. But some people have been there in a special submarine to see the wreckage of the Titanic.


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