Father’s Day in 2023

Father’s Day in 2023: Papa, the best friend, can hold your world in his hands; He himself sets an example so that children can also become role models.

Father’s Day in 2023: Today is Father’s Day. It is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. Instead of lifting her off the ground, it is the father who holds her hand before she falls, wipes the mess with a cloth and tells her to try again. The bond between father and son is very special. To understand this connection, Bhaskar’s colleague Mahesh Mathur Bhaskar asks what valuable life lesson a father can give to his child.

Father's Day in 2023Father’s Day Celibration: Father’s Day in 2023

Father’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday that honors fathers and celebrates fatherhood, fatherhood, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries, but on a different day in others. It complements Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in honor of mothers.Father’s Day in 2023.

Date: Sunday, 18 June, 2023
Observed by: 111+ countries
Father's Day in 2023

what is fathers day?

Father’s Day is a day when you can express your special feelings towards your father. On this day children honor their father in different ways. Father’s Day is an international day, so this day is celebrated all over the world. Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June.Father’s Day in 2023.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated every year?

Father’s Day in 2023: Many times this day is also celebrated because fatherless people do not feel the importance or lack of father. People who have lost their father also often celebrate this day. The father works every day for the family and spends all his money on the welfare of the family. In simple words: My father is an important pillar of our family and ready to face any problem. It is better not to talk about the father. Father is an important member of the family. He sacrifices his own happiness to ensure the happiness of his children and family. He also loves children, scolds them when they do something wrong and never fails to strive for their better future and happiness. That is why Father’s Day is celebrated every year in honor of fathers.

Father's Day in 2023

History Of Father’s day Celibration: Father’s Day in 2023

Sonora planned to celebrate the day on the first Sunday of June, since that day was close to her father’s birthday. Thus, the day was celebrated for the first time on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson established Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Then, in 1972, President Richard Nixon declared Father’s Day an official holiday. The celebration of Father’s Day has an important history. The first idea to celebrate this day came to Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. The first time he planned to honor his father, William Smart, on a special day. Since this was a new way of paying tribute to fathers in a creative way, the day became very famous and people started celebrating it officially.Father’s Day in 2023.

Father's Day in 2023

Father’s Day in 2023

Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June.Like every year, this year also on the third Sunday of June i.e. on June 18, Father’s Day will be celebrated all over the world.

Father's Day in 2023

Importance Of Father’s day: Father’s Day in 2023

With time, modern people have become so busy that they are no longer able to give time at home for their dreams. Although they love their parents very much, they do not take out time to express their love. In such a situation, it becomes very important one day. On this day all children take either an official day off, or a holiday declared by the government itself, to express gratitude to their fathers. On this day, children spend the whole day with their father, which reduces the distance between them. On this day, even if the children are abroad, they return home on the pretext of this day. Since Mother’s Day is celebrated as Mother’s Day and has great importance in life, this day is very important for people and hence people celebrate it as Father’s Day.Father’s Day in 2023

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