Adipurush Movie Review 2023: The film has a flat story, poor visual effects and background music.

Adipurush Movie Review 2023: Adipurush is a 2023 Indian Bollywood film inspired by the Ramayana. The film is directed by Om Raut and produced by T-Series Films and Retrophiles. Today the film was shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu. The film stars Prabhas Raghav, Kriti Sanon as Janak and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh.Telling the country’s most respected story to today’s public is not an easy task. When the current generation is aware, the only difference can be the new narrative. Raut modally appeals to young audiences, while his film is more action-adventure than sentimental.


What is the story of the film “Adiprosh”?

The film tells the story of Lord Shri Ram, who went into exile and reached Lanka to destroy Ravana after Sita was kidnapped. Anyone who is familiar with Ramayana surely knows this story. The film begins with the abduction of Sita and ends with the slaying of Ravana. Adipurush’s story feels flat and completely predictable, with a palpable lack of creativity.Adipurush Movie Review 2023



Ramanand tried his best to immerse his audience in the ocean of devotion. So the serial in “Ramayana” didn’t get good reception after that. After a long time, Om Laut made a film titled Oedipalsh based on the story of Ram. This era is equipped with the latest technology. Visual effects make it easy to create things that cannot be filmed today.Adipurush Movie Review 2023.

What is the story of Prabhas in Adipurush?

Prabhas’ performance as Prabhu Shriram is excellent, but at many places he is portrayed in complete Baahubali look and feel. If you see Prabhas encouraging the monkey army before fighting, then you will also remember the battle of Kalkei in the movie Bahubali. Kriti has shown the character of Mother Sita in a very different way. Also his warning to Ravana seems very different. Saif’s powerful dialogues as Ravana seem gimmicky. Bajrang Bali making Devdutt Nag the funniest part of the film. His character brings strength and laughter.Adipurush Movie Review 2023.


How is the Background music of the film?

If we talk about the important point of the film, then this is the background music of the film. It is the background music that adds some life to the film.If we talk about the music experience of this film, then when you go to the theater to watch the film and the slogan of Jai Shri Ram echoes, then you will have a different experience.Hearing the slogan of Jai Shree Ram will give you a different experience in the area.Adipurush Movie Review 2023.


The dialogues written by the film’s writer Manojmunshi Shir are quite improvised.After listening to the dialogues of the film written by the author, it seems that the decorum of the language has been completely destroyed.Talking about the technology in this film, it has been used in such a way that at some places such animation starts giving the impression of the film.Ramayana is a true story which shows the victory of good over evil but in the film those sentiments are not clearly expressed but are shown differently.


How the actors performed?

Talking about the acting of the artist in this film, Prabhas is seen in a very powerful performance because of his stature.Sharad Kelkar is seen handling the character a bit with his voice. Saif Ali Khan’s look as Raavan by fans remains a part of the lot critics.Adipurush Movie Review 2023 However, no change has been seen in this, but a very strange thing has been shown in his character, 10 heads of Ravana, in the same ordinary Ramayana, 10 heads of Ravana were parallel, whereas in this, using technology, his head was shown in a clumsy way. Has gone

About The Movie: Adipurush Movie Review 2023

Release date: 16 June 2023 (India)
Director: Om Raut
Music by: Score: Sanchit BalharaAnkit Balhara; Songs: Ajay-Atul; Sachet–Parampara
Distributed by: AA Films
Adapted from: Ramayana


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