Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40

Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools, killing 40: ISIS-affiliated organization sets fire to hostel, biggest attack in 25-year history

Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40. ATF, an organization affiliated with ISIS, carried out a terrorist attack on a school in Uganda, in which 40 people of the school were killed.BBC confirms 40 killed by terrorists.According to BBC, 40 people died in the terrorist attack, while many people have been injured.This attack proved to be the biggest attack in Uganda in the last 25 years.At Mpondwe’s Lubirira Secondary School, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) of Uganda launched the assault.


The terrorists became so angry that even after the death of 40 people, they kidnapped 6 people. This incident happened on Friday night at 11:00 pm.According to the same CNN, this school is located between the border of Uganda and Congo.After the incident, the police told that 8 people seriously injured in the incident have been admitted to the nearest hospital.About 20 to 25 terrorists were involved in this horrific attack on the school. Together these terrorists killed 40 people, injured 8 people and kidnapped 6 people.Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40


The terrorist organization has given Knock many times before

The terrorist organization that attacked the school in Uganda has earlier attacked a village in April.20 people had lost their lives in the attack on the village by terrorists. After this, Mukondi village in Uganda was also attacked by the same terrorist organization, 36 people lost their lives in this attack.The Ugandan government held this terrorist organization responsible for the suicide bombing in Uganda’s capital Kampala in 2021.The government of Uganda had also carried out an air strike on this terrorist organization after this terrorist attack by ADF.

Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40


Know about terrorist organization ADF from these 4 points.

  • ADF is getting support from ISI organization, says Al Jazeera.The ADF was formed in 1995 by the merger of the Uganda Muslim Liberation Army and the National Army.
  • The only goal of this terrorist organization Edius is to remove the government made from the mouth of Uganda.The organization then received support from some governments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who wanted to reduce Rwandan and Ugandan influence in the country.
  • However, earlier in the year 2013, this terrorist organization Adius started attacking the Congolese military.ADF founder and director Jamil Mororo fled to Tanzania after seeing the feces. Here he was arrested in 2015 on charges of terrorism and sent to Ugandan jail.
  • America has also declared ADF a terrorist organization. According to the Catholic Church in Uganda, the organization killed around 6,000 civilians between 2013 and 2021.


Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40

Mpondowel Biriha Secondary School is a private school a few kilometers from the busy Congolese border. The school is located in a poor rural area about 320 kilometers from Kampala, where many families grow and sell crops such as corn and cassava.Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40.

Burned ‘beyond recognition’

“Some of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition,” said Joe Walusimbi, a spokesman for Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Kas.

Major General Dick Olum, commander of the Western Uganda Army, said the attackers had been in the city for two days before the attack. He told that before the attack, an unknown youth had come to see the plan of the school.Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40.

“So the attackers came and locked the boys’ door. The boys really tried to fight back, but they were defeated. The attackers burnt the mattresses.

Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40

Mortuary was “very crowded.”

An eyewitness who lost three cousins in the brutal attack told CNN the local morgue was “very busy” while victims rescued from the school continued to be treated.

“I knew my relatives were at school and when I heard about the incident, I went to the hospital early in the morning and found their bodies there. The morgue was busy,” Clay said. she said candidly.

Burmis was in his bedroom, about 300 meters from the school, when he heard gunshots around 10:40 p.m. local time.Terrorist attack on Ugandan schools: killing 40.


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