Kerala lottery result: Ticket number TE230662 wins first prize; FM picks up winner.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A lottery ticket sold by an agency in Walayar in Palakkad, with ticket number TE230662 won the first prize in the lucky draw for Kerala’s biggest lottery ticket, the Thiruvonam bumper with prize money of Rs 25 crore for the first prize.

Kerala Lottery Result: How to check? How to get tickets? (2023)

This article has been created to provide information about the lottery contests of Kerala state. Today in this article, we will tell you about the country’s most famous lottery competition, Kerala Lottery.

The lottery competition is run by the Lottery Department of the Government of Kerala. And it is completely legal in the state of Kerala. And the Kerala state government has created a separate department to arrange lotteries.

It is one of the oldest lottery games in India, so how do you check Kerala lottery result? What is the way to buy tickets? Also, you will get complete information about Kerala lottery draw week names and the amount the winner will get.



What is Kerala Lottery?

As you might know from the name itself, Kerala Lottery Contest is a lucky game in which participants must participate in the lottery.

In which he gets a reward of lakhs of rupees if he is successful. This gives benefits in less time. Overall, we can say that the Kerala Lottery contest became a success very quickly. If you succeed in this, your luck will be bright.

The Kerala Lottery competition was held for the first time in 1967. And its first lucky draw came in 1968. And the current headquarters of Kerala Lotteries Department is in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. is their official website, where you can check the lottery contest results every day. Different lottery results are available here seven days a week.

It includes weekly lucky draw names like Dhanashree, Win-Win, Akshay, Bhagyanidhi, Nirmal, Karunay, Karunay Plus and Fifty-Fifty, etc. It also organizes four bumper lotteries on four different occasions throughout the year, in which the winner gets prize money worth lakhs of rupees. And Kerala lottery result is released every day at 3:00 pm. Which you can get the results with the help of government website.

Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result

Is Kerala Lottery illegal in India or not?

As you know, Kerala Lottery is illegal only in the state of Kerala; Apart from this, lottery system is also implemented in many other states. It is operated by many states.

The day the states have approved the lottery competition but in many states of India the lottery competition is completely prohibited. And the state has created its own lottery department for the Kerala lottery competition.

States that recognize lotteries in India

Lottery competitions are allowed in many states in India. Most of the states with this permission are Punjab, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Goa, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Kerala. Details of all recognizing states are given below.

S.No State Name
1 Arunachal Pradesh
2 Assam
3 Goa
4 Kerala
5 Maharashtra
6 Meghalaya
7 Sikkim
8 punjab
9 Madhya Pradesh

Kerala Lottery Weekly Draw Names (7 Days)

As you know, Kerala Lottery has Lucky Draw every day. In which different lucky draws are opened every day in Kerala Lottery Weekly Draw. Which lucky draws are opened from Monday to Sunday and what are their names? All information is given below.

S.No Weekly Lotteries (Kerala Lottery Draw Name)
1              MONDAY               Win-Win
2             TUESDAY               Shree Shakti
3             WEDNESDAY         Fifty-Fifty
4             THURSDAY            KARUNYA PLUS
5             FRIDAY                  Nirmal
6             SATURDAY             KARUNYA
7             SUNDAY                 Akshaya


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