YES BANK News and CNBC-TV18 want to make the idea of a $10 trillion economy a reality.

YES BANK News: India’s recent growth figures have surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts, solidifying the nation’s position as the world’s fastest-growing major economy. High hopes have been raised, as seen by PM Modi’s announcement that he wants to build an economy worth $10 trillion.

Such lofty objectives demand a coherent growth strategy, which includes a national evaluation of prospects for growth, new problems that are arising, and new developmental pathways. Present by CNBC-TV18 and YES BANK in partnership with Max Life Insurance, The Growth Summit – A Vision for a $10 trillion Economy is an opportunity to create a new growth consensus by bringing together business leaders, policymakers, experts, and visionaries in five cities to discuss how sectoral strengths and current regional business trends can accelerate India’s forward momentum in the quest for economic growth.


YES BANK News: India’s Economic Vision Unveiled at Inaugural Growth Summit.

Each Growth Summit will include the distinctive aspects of the business environment of the host city into a broader vision of national development, with the goal of balancing the country’s growth priorities with sectoral and regional business potential. Considering the significance of an initiative to bring together wealth creators and decision-makers to visualize India’s much-needed economic progress “The Growth Summit is a much-needed discourse to harness the true potential of India’s growth prospects and propel India faster and efficiently towards the US$10 trillion goal,” stated Prashant Kumar, Managing Director and CEO of YES BANK. Our passionate goal is to collaborate with leaders from the financial and industry sectors and positively impact the growth dynamics of the Indian economy. In order to realize India’s full economic potential and pave the way for the country to reach its ambitious economic milestone—a wealthy future for future generations—we are eager to collaborate with other leaders, legislators, and experts.

The first Growth Summit, with the topic “Turning Aspirations Into Assets: How India’s Wealth Can Spark a New Cycle of Growth,” is set for February 8, 2024, in Mumbai. It will address how investment trends might be enhanced to direct capital resources toward accomplishing important developmental outcomes, drawing on the city’s prominence in the nation’s financial system. After Mr. Prashant Kumar, Managing Director & CEO of YES BANK, gives the introductory remarks, there will be a fireside chat with a prominent institutional leader. A pair of esteemed panel discussions will provide audiences with valuable perspectives on how India may rejuvenate private investment and its function in cultivating a growth mindset.


Unlocking India’s Phenomenal Growth: Max Life Insurance CEO Emphasizes Financial Security in the Journey Ahead.

Prashant Tripathy, Managing Director and CEO of Max Life Insurance, discussed the company’s involvement in the campaign and the importance of financial security as India prepares for exponential growth. According to him, “As India charts its journey to unlock phenomenal growth in the coming years, strong financial protection stands as a cornerstone.

Unveiling India’s Growth Narratives: Nationwide Events to Follow Mumbai Growth Summit.

There will be growth-related events in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and other cities after the Growth Summit in Mumbai.These events will showcase the growth areas of each city and define their role in the broader growth narrative of India. Every Growth Summit event will highlight regional business trends, but because of CNBC-TV18’s acclaimed nationwide coverage, it will also be shown nationally, making it the ideal platform for sharing strategic growth insights. According to CNBC-TV18 Managing Editor Shereen Bhan, “It’s a great opportunity for us to foster conversations on India’s development and create an integrated approach to growth that cuts across sectors and regions.”

Viewers will get a peek of India’s enormous growth potential as well as the people, systems, and goods that will contribute to realizing it in the upcoming years. It will outline the numerous advantages and chances that the upcoming growth spurt will offer to every Indian citizen and provide fresh momentum to the aspiration of a developed India.

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By Haribol Gupta

Haribol Gupta is a Founder of Searchgyan. He is passionate about helping people understand about content writing. He is born in bihar ( Purnia District).You can easily find him on another social media platform like facebook , instagram and twitter also.

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